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500 Series
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DEMO MODE Restrictions:
Every 60 seconds the audio will fade out momentarily. To remove these restrictions you will need to purchase an activation key.
[ Activation Key Installation Notes - pdf ]
A bundle containing the DYN500, EQ500 and GT500 plugins, providing a complete channel processing solution for linux DAWs. LV2 and linuxVST formats ensure compatibility is not tied to just one DAW application.
A flexible channel compressor plugin styled as a virtual 500-Series format module, light on CPU resources, with soft-knee compression characteristic for smooth precise dynamics control.
A versatile parametric EQ, featuring adjustable low & high frequency shelves and a swept mid filter with variable bandwidth, channeling the spirit of classic British EQs, characterized by designs such as the Neve 1073.
The EQ500 will perfectly complement an existing EQ, or provide professional console grade processing for DAW based mixing and recording.
The EQ500 uses our Analogue Filter Modelling algorithms to accurately replicate a natural sounding analogue filter response without requiring high sample rates or CPU intensive upsampling,
allowing more plugin instances in a typical DAW.
A channel input stage with gain, analogue emulated phase adjustment, switchable polarity inversion, highpass filter and noise gate for general signal conditioning tasks.
The download contains mono and stereo versions in LV2 and linuxVST format (32 and 64Bit).

System Requirements:
  • A PC running an X11 or X11 compatible
    linux distribution
    e.g. Ubuntu 12.04LTS.
  • An LV2 or linuxVST compatible host application.


Latest Versions: EQ500 / DYN500 / GT500
32 and 64Bit, LV2 and linuxVST V1.0.5 / V1.0.4 / V1.0.4  
Analogue Filter Modelling algorithms Accurately replicate the natural sound of analogue EQ curves without requiring CPU intensive upsampling, allowing more plugin instances in a typical DAW compared to similar console EQ emulations.  
Auto upscaling GUI Based on system dpi settings, or manually configurable via environment-variable settings, the UI scales automatically to improve usability on small / hi-resolution screens.  
Physical Control Weighting UI controls are 'weighted' to feel similar to high quality hardware rotary controls, also enhancing precision for small control movements.  
Preliminary LV2 1.0.0 X11UI support Built in support for X11UI extensions to the LV2 standard.  
Interpolated Controls Two stage interpolation provides responsive, smoothly adjustable controls without clicks or 'zipper' noise.  
Soft Bypass Switching No clicks or thumps when bypassing.  
Phase Adjustment Built in emulation of analogue phase adjustment circuitry, in addition to a polarity switch, allows easy compensation for multi-microphone setups.  
Soft-Knee Compressor For smooth precise dynamics control, emulating some of the classic analogue compressor designs.  
Versatile parametric EQ Flexible Low & High frequency shelves, and adjustable mid filter with variable bandwidth, accurately emulates conventional analogue EQ.  

The plugins are free to download in DEMO MODE. Although we make every attempt to ensure compatibility with most linux distributions and popular host applications, we strongly advise that you test the demo versions before purchasing the activation keys, in order to be sure of compatibility with your particular linux distribution and host applications.

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

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