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About Us

About Us

linuxDSP is a division of Applied Computer Music Technologies Ltd.
Founded by a former Solid State Logic (SSL) design engineer, linuxDSP provides professional audio processing software and plugins for linux, backed by over twenty years of pro-audio experience and feedback from professional recording engineers.
We also provide ports of our software to Windows XP / 7 and other operating systems under the OverTone brand.
As a commercial software provider we are committed to maintaining professional high quality support, something which is not always provided by free alternatives.

Supported Formats and Operating Systems

Users of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) will be familiar with the concept of adding extra processing functionality to an application using 'plugin' processing modules - similar to adding a physical audio processor to the outboard effects rack in a real studio.
Our software is designed to work with most linux audio plugin formats and versions are available as LV2, linuxVST, and also for connection to the JACK audio server - a pro-audio sound server developed by Paul Davis and others at jackaudio.org which has rapidly become the accepted standard for pro-audio on linux.
We are also porting plugins to other operating systems, the OverTone range of plugins is now available in VST and Audio Unit format for PCs running Windows XP / 7 and Mac OS X


The product download pages have screenshots and technical specifications together with links to download free demos or purchase the software. All plugins come with installation instructions and a user manual which we hope will be easy to follow. We will endeavour to provide technical support if you encounter problems.
NOTE: Support for LV2 in linux host applications is still an emerging standard which means there may be some application dependent limitations.



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